Commercial Roof Safety Program

Eagle Cornice Co. Inc strives for the safest worksite possible. We adhere to all State, Federal, and Local safety standards. We develop comprehensive plans and procedures to ensure the on going safety of all our employees, sub-contractors, clients, and pedestrians. In the construction industry, there is a “zero tolerance” policy that requires 100% compliance to all safety procedures regardless of the trade. Here are some of our safety practices that we at Eagle Cornice Co., Inc utilize to help achieve our goal.

Safety Equipment:

Being job site safe not only requires the right knowledge and training but also the most up to date and approved equipment. Here at Eagle Cornice Co., Inc. we provide safety equipment approved by OSHA to ensure a safe jobsite.

OSHA Approved Equipment

Perimeter warning lines with a safety monitor. Scaffolding with properly trained erectors, Perimeter Cable rail systems and PFAS (personal fall arrest system).
As a standard practice, all employees are required to have, use and wear a hard hat, saftey glasses, proper footwear and attire.

Employee Training:

When addressing commercial roof safety the correct proceedures and rules are very strict. Weather the project is a private small buisness or a public school. They all require extensive training and a variety of equipment depending on job variables. All of our employees have a minimum 10 hours of OSHA certified training, and select key personel have OSHA's 30 hour saftey certificate. All Eagle Cornice Co, employees are trained to setup and utilize all of the proper saftey equipment to ensure a safe work environment. 

NERI (North East Roofing Insurance):

Eagle Cornice Co., Inc is a proud memeber of NERI (North East Roofing Insurance). NERI is a captive organization containing a group of contractors from all over the North East who work together to progress safe working environments.

Committees and Meetings: 

As a commitment to our safety policy's and training, a group of Eagle Cornice Company's key personnel, foremen and employees meet once a month to discuss current conditions, potential hazards, and practices to improve jobsite safety on present and future jobs. Discussions vary from upcoming weather conditions, change in seasons or perhaps a work place condition that has never been encountered before. It is important that we maintain this type of communication so that all employees are kept current on these changing variables.

JHA’s (Job Hazard Analysis) Inspection:

Prior to each job Eagle Cornice starts, a JHA inspection is performed. This is done so that we can address all potential hazards that may injure an employee, the public or any other person for the duration of the project. Included are ways to avoid these hazards and keep the work place and personnel safe.

Random Job Site Inspections:

Frequently and without warning Eagle Cornice Co performs random inspections on every job we have in progress. This is to aid in our assurance that the safety of all personnel and the public is being maintained.

It is our company goal to have and maintain a “perfect” safety record with no lost time or wages.  Being able to use our solid foundation in safe work practices, achieving perfection is certainly attainable.  We will continue to be safe, train, and be trained to keep up with the modernization of safe work practices.